Mini Ulta Haul

That moment when Ulta sends you a 20% off coupon and you have a few points racked up…so you just buy makeup. All I really needed was red eyeshadow, and ended up spending another $50, lol. Since I didn’t find a red powder eyeshadow, I picked up the NYX Primal Color Face Powder in red. […]

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Mini Etsy Haul

I found that ever since using stickers in my planner, I feel more inclined to use it because I like to look at it. My stickers give my planner more life. I recently made a few purchases and thought I would share them on here with you guys. I of course ordered from my two […]

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Finding a Balance

Coming to college, everyone stressed time management and how crucial it was going to be to my success in college. I always kept this in the back of my mind when starting, but even the best get caught up with the struggle of balance and time management. Being here for a few weeks already and […]

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Recent Makeup Pickups

While I went to Sephora and wanted to splurge and buy a few new palettes, I know the sale is coming so I held back an only bought essentials.   The Sephora brand under eye masks are so good and inexpensive, my favorite one is the pomegranate one. I like that it leaves my under […]

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College Move In!

I’m currently sitting in my dorm room, a good 300 miles away from home ready to discuss freshman move in! Honestly, it all felt like a bit of a blur and still feels so surreal. There’s still a few more things that need to be done in terms of making my space feel a bit […]

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