Warby Parker: Bringing the Optical Home

As someone who has been wearing glasses since kindergarten, my frames have quickly become an accessory that is very personal to me. I love taking the time to pick out my glasses, because they are something that will always be on my face for usually about a year or so. While I am currently sporting a Versace pair, I wanted to look for something different, and I came across Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is a website that allows you for FREE to chose 5 frames to try on AT HOME. I like the option of being able to try the frames on at home because there is no pressure to make a choice right there, as I find sometimes in an optical shop they are a bit more pushy especially when it comes to more expensive lenses.

While these lenses are not designer, I did like the styles they offered and decided to order a box. After all, I really didn’t have anything to lose.


I got my 5 frames today in the mail. You get 5 days to try them on and they also send you the return label for you to send them back free of charge as well. I had to admit, I was happy with the frames I tried on and am currently deciding on a few to make my purchase.


They not only do glasses as well, they also have a range of sunglasses that you can try on at home as well. I also ordered a sun glasses box, since wearing glasses has never really allowed me to shade my eyes from the sun while also being able to see at the same time. The only way I would have that luxury is through a pair of prescription sunglasses which usually are more expensive than just a regular pair of frames.



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