The Palette Tag!

I came across this tag while reading a blog post and figured that I would do it myself! ūüôā

  1. What was your first palette?¬†The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is what started off my love for eyeshadow. I purchased it when I was in the 7th or 8th grade (I’m now about to go to college) and I STILL use it, and it’s clearly has gotten a lot of love! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†unnamed¬†unnamed-1
  2. Your most recent purchase?¬†Tarte’s Tartlette in Bloom palette is the last palette that I can remember purchasing, and I love it!¬†unnamed-2¬†unnamed-3
  3. Palette you regret not purchasing?¬†The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette, which I probably will be unable to pick up since I’m trying to save for college and it’s selling out super fast.
  4. Palette that makes you happy to look at? The Too Faced Sugar Pop palette, is so cute with the outer packaging, and it gets even better with all the fun shades that are inside!                        unnamed-4 unnamed-5
  5. Palette you changed your mind about? The Urban Decay Naked 2 is a palette that I used to love! I even hit pan on a few shades, but now when I do reach for it, I am not super happy with how the looks turn out. unnamed-6 unnamed-7
  6. Palette that¬†surprised you?¬†The Anastasia Beverly Hills x Makeup by Mario palette. When I first got it I wasn’t really sure how the shades would be able to pair together, but I was actually surprised how many times I reach for it when I go to do my makeup!¬†unnamed-8¬†unnamed-9
  7. Palette that inspires you the most?¬†This was the hardest question for me to answer, mostly because I did not want to list the same palette as an answer twice, but I just have to if I’m going to be honest. While it is also my go-to palette the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I love the colors and it just inspires me to use all of the peachy tone shades that I normally wouldn’t wear since I am so used to my neutral and warm tones.¬†unnamed-11
  8. unnamed-10
  9. What palette is on your wish list? The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is one that I cannot wait to get my hands on! While it looks similar to another palette I have already in my collection, I own all but one naked palette, so it only fees right for me to purchase this one as well.
  10. Go-to palette? The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (pictured above) is one that I reach for a ton! I use it almost every time I do my makeup and I am able to do endless numbers of looks that all look different every time, and for that I love it. I also like how it has a dark brown shade that I can use to fill in my brows which is really important to me because that makes the palette complete in my eyes.
  11. Palette you¬†regret purchasing?¬†I made a post about a palette I regret purchasing so I won’t repeat myself. Instead, there is another palette I own that I regret having as well which is the Urban Decay Naked 3. I brought this one on a whim as I got a deal on it for half price, but all the colors are so similar on me that I feel like I can only do the same look over and over and that gets pretty boring for me.

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