Go-To Curly Hair Products

Being a curly hair girl is not only a lot of work, but it can get really expensive too. A lot of finding out what works best for you is based on trial and error of hair products that probably start at $13 and only go up from there. Hair for me is something that I don’t focus on as much as I should. For instance, I will have a full face of makeup, and my hair will be in a messy bun. #NoShame

In this post I thought I would share what works for me. The products I am going to mention are the only things that I put in my hair. I also have a new shampoo and conditioner that I am going to try when I start college so I won’t have to buy $20 shampoo and conditioner all the time.



My shampoo and leave-in conditioner are both from the brand Mixed Chicks. The only place that I am ever able to find this brand is at target. Each of these runs be about $20 each, but I love it. I no longer use regular conditioner that you have to wash out, I only use this leave in one, and use it mostly on the ends of my hair which I feel need more moisture. The shampoo, I also tend to concentrate it more towards my scalp and then use a little on my ends.


Once I get out the shower I use this Shea Moisture spray, which is usually $13 at Target. I know there has been a lot of controversy with this brand, and while I do not fully agree with their marketing plan, I am still going to buy this product because I love the way it leaves my hair. While essentially, it is just water that smells of coconut, I feel like it is way more than that and really allows me to quickly detangle my hair and it’s really what makes my curls so nice the next morning once they are dry.

I also use this when I am on like third day hair and need something to tame the frizz or just to add some moisture back into my hair or my ends. I can spray some of this and I’ll be good to go!


Lastly, I use this little coconut oil on my ends after I finish detailing my hair. This was given to me, but I have seen it at Target for a few bucks. I do not buy the big tub of coconut oil, because  I usually do not use a lot of this stuff in the first place and this tube has lasted me a really long time. I concentrate this towards the ends of my hair because that is usually what gets frizzy and seems dehydrated first. Then, with the little bit that is left I got throughout my hair, not put too much in the roots because my scalp it very oily.

I know I do not use a lot of products, but these are the things that work best for me at the moment. I will be changing up my shampoo and conditioner once in college so I won’t have to spend so much money on these when I need them. I hope my alternatives work just as good as what I already have. I got it per recommendation that it was good for curly hair and to give your hair moisture, which is what I need. But until then, these products will work just fine!



One thought on “Go-To Curly Hair Products

  1. Mixed Chicks leave in conditoner is one of my fave all time curly hair products! You should deffo check out Trepadora products! I did a review on my blog x


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