Go-To: Summer Face Makeup

Lately, I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup for obvious reasons. In the summer since it always gets so hot, there are times where I wear little to no makeup at all. Today, I thought I would share my go-to look on days where I want to look presentable but by no means wear a full face.

No matter the weather, or the occasion I always try my best to wear primer. I feel for my face it is not as necessary to prime as it is when I wear eyeshadow, but when doing this look if I have a little bit of extra time I put some primer on. When I put it on I mainly focus on my cheeks and my temples where I apply most of the makeup to ensure its longevity. For this, I use my e.l.f. mineral primer, which is only a few bucks and gives a smooth feel to my skin to apply my makeup.


Next, I go in with my bronzer. While I have a few different bronzers in my rotation recently I have been using my Wet n’ Wild contour duo for this. I apply it to my cheek area and temples with a big fluffy brush. While in the picture it looks a little warmer than normal, I love the way it looks on my skin.



There are also times where I may use the yellow powder on my chin and center of my forehead, but I do not do it all the time. Overall, I really like these two powders and it is totally worth the price! Some people even think this is a dupe for a Marc Jacobs powder duo (which I can not say is true or false because I do not have the Marc Jacobs one but based on swatches they do look really similar!)

After this I go in with my blush. In the summer I tend to go with a more peachy toned blush. This one is from Sephora and was one of the first blushes I ever owned and this is my second one! It’s my go-to when I need something that I know will work.


I then go in with my regular face powder that I would use to set my foundation if I was wearing any. However, in this case I concentrate it on my cheeks and temples as I way to blend everything together. I use the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless powder in the shade 330.


Now my favorite part, highlighting! While this step varies because I can apply any highlighter I want with this look, lately I’ve been using my Anastasia Glow Kit in sweets. Most of the time I use either the shade taffy or sassy grape as they are my favorite shades in the palette.



Lastly, as a way to refresh my skin I use my Mario Badescu rose water spray and apply that all over my face. If I want a more ‘in your face’ kind of highlight then I will do this before and then apply my highlight after so it will come off as being more intense. I am still not sure how I feel about this spray, maybe because I’m not too keen on rose smelling products but I do like how it makes my skin feel instantly hydrated. This by no means makes my makeup last longer, but I do notice that it makes everything sink into my skin and not look super powdery.




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