I want this blog to be almost like a virtual journal of sorts that I share with the world. Maybe some of you may be able to relate to certain things and realize you are not alone!

In a nutshell, my name is Jailene and I reside in the best city in the world, NYC. I love makeup, coffee, and medicine. I aspire to one day become a pediatric neurosurgeon. My love for makeup came around the start of high school. I picked up my first eyeshadow palette and now I have enough makeup to last me a lifetime! My love for coffee and medicine happened around the same time. My sister gave me my first caramel frappuccino from Starbucks when I was three, and I’ve been drinking them ever since (only now with extra shots for those all-nighters lol). I was also three when I got my first doctor’s kit for Christmas..and I wanted to be a doctor ever since!


Instagram: @yagirll.jayy